About Us

Great Lakes Yarn & Creations came about from my love of crocheting and yarn. We are a small online company located in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. We will offer a variety of different brands of yarn and accessories related to crocheting and knitting. Shipping will be available throughout Canada. We will be offering crocheting and knitting classes to those interested in learning craft. We would love to support our local crocheters and knitters by displaying their beautiful projects and help them sell their works of art on consignment. If in the future, we move to brick and mortar, we will also offer a social room. We thank you all for your support and happy hooking!

Melynne Mcleod

I’m a wife and mother of 2 grown daughters. I work full time in customer service. I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing and of course crocheting! When I was a young girl of about 10, my mom taught me how to crochet. My skills were limited, and I’ve made a few basic blankets. I couldn’t read a pattern until my daughter asked me to make her a blanket from a pattern she found. I couldn’t say no and figured it out. I haven’t put my hook down since. I now look for patterns that look extremely complicated to challenge myself. A couple years ago, I taught my oldest daughter to crochet, who has become quite successful.

Jessica D'Amour-Torrance

Who am I? Well, I am a married women to a wonderful man and I have 2 Yorkshire terrier dogs that I love very much. I am a full time Child and Youth Worker in a French public school. I started crocheting at 8 years old while I was camping with my family and some family friends; my brother’s godmother was crocheting, and she showed all the kids how to do it to give us something to do while we were camping. I have not stop crocheting since then. I find crocheting relaxing and its so fulfilling when I give something I make to someone and see their reaction. I’ve always had a dream of opening a business one day and thanks to my friend and partner this dream is finally coming true.